Thermal bed for massages

The thermal bed for massages Balnea represents for all the SPAs, wellness and beauty centres, a polyfunctional tool able to offer infinite possibilities of use (steam bath, massage, chromotherapy combined with music therapy) to maximize the earning power of the environment where Balnea is placed.

The scented steam bath of Balnea, assists the operator in the application of oils, sludge, algae and cosmetics optimizing the contact with the skin and their penetration.

Through the use of 4 removable simple arches, Balnea is transformed in few seconds, in a thermal bed or a bed for massages. If used for massages Balnea can be equipped with a water-repellent mattress, or with a water mattress.

The client’s worktop, made of marine wood is electrically adjustable to easily change from a horizontal position to a lounger form. Each treatment can be customized with color and music cycles.

The thermal bed for massages Balnea features an optional electrical lifting system that allows the operator to work at the most comfortable height and permits clients to get on and off the bed with ease. An important LED lighting system creates a pleasant play of lights from the top of the bed to the bottom and under the bed where an elegant tray shelf made of plexiglass serves as a storage shelf. A thermo regulated tap mixer and a hand shower with recessed water tap, let the operator easily clean the worktops as well as rinsing the client’s body at the end of the session.

The collection tank is made of steel, easy to maintain and aseptic. Music and colors of Balnea can be connected to the other products and accesories of Isobenessere line to create a unique environment.

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The thermal bed for scented massages Balnea, assists the operator in the application of oils, sludge, algae and cosmetics optimizing the contact with the skin and their penetration.


  • Chromotherapy Chromotherapy
  • Water - Steam Bath Water - Steam Bath
  • Heat Control Heat Control


  • Music Therapy Music Therapy
  • Aromatherapy Aromatherapy

Technical sheet


Technical Data


depending on its optional from 250 Kg (550 lb) to 300 Kg (661 lb)

Working Voltage

230V±10%, 50/60Hz N-


Standard Model PFIBALN
Type Position Fixed steam bed with white lacquered wood coating and metallic black frame
Absorption W/A Heating system 2500 W / 11 A
Absorption W/A Electrical lifting system 250 W / 1,1 A
Absorption W/A Electrical lifting system 130 W / 0,6 A


  • 1 Plastic Thermo welded cloth cap for steam, washable and reusable
  • 1 inflatable headrest
  • 1 mattress for steam beauty treatments











Technical Characteristics Included

LCD display with control panel
Steam bath with time and cycle temperature control
Thermo regulated hand shower to clean worktops and client's body after the beauty treatments
Adjustable working top on 3 different areas, difefrent positions with electrical lifting system on the back rest
Control and warning system for the boiler clearing
Chromotherapy LED light in lower area
Chromotherapy with management of color cycles and music coupling
Color synchronization system with the spa beds of Iso Benessere line
Built-in MP3 player with songs storage on SD card
Headphones included

Dedicated Optional


Electrical lifting system


Aroma diffuser


Massage mattress 4 cm width made of non-allergenic material


Water mattress 4 cm width made of non-allergenic material


Wireless transmitter board for colors synchronization


Wireless receiver board for colors synchronization (excludes the use of the remote control)