Sabbia bed and Ayurveda

Wellness and health all in a massage bed.

Heath, relax and decontracting action. Thanks to the heated quartz sand, Sabbia, the massage bed by ISO Benessere, offers relax and all the benefits of sandblasting.

Sabbia offers 3 remarkable advantages to its users:

  • The small quartz grains carry out a micro-massage on the user’s body.
  • The sand takes the user’s body’s shape, becoming a perfect supporting surface for the correct distribution of the body’s weight.
  • The temperature of the sand relaxes muscles and dissolves nervous tensions.

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Ayurveda. What is it?

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient natural medicines. It was born in India about 6000 years ago.

It is a knowledge system including  philosophy, science and practice. It offers a complete vision of existence, teaching how to know the real essence of man, his environment and how to keep the right balance between him and the Universe.

The main purpose of Ayurveda is to preserve good health and wellness and support the way to reach this target.

The “Three Dosha Theory” is the center of Ayurveda. There are three different vital energies (Tridosha) which regulate all the human body’s functions, physiological and phycophisical. Each one of us owns, in different proportions, all the Dosha.

Dosha are:

  • Vata. It regulates movement and dominates space and air.
  • Pitta. It regulates methabolism and dominates fire and water.
  • Kapha. It regulates cohesion, creates the body’s structure and dominates hearth and water.

The deficiency or excess of one or more of these Dosha causes disequilibrium. Ayurveda works to prevent them, bringing back the balance and keeping a good health status.

Ayurveda and Sabbia. From theory to practice.

Ayurveda offers some treatments which are not only aesthetical but go further, to penetrate the most internal part of us, giving moments of real wellness. Here follow two examples:

  • Udvartana. Purifying and detoxifying treatment to delete the toxins excess. During this massage, the skin is vigorously rubbed using powders from different herbs. The choice of these vegetal powders helps the purifying effect, showing evident improvements since the first treatment. 
  • Pinda sweda. Decontracting treatment. In this massage, special warmed sachets called “Pinda” made of cloth and filled with several ingredients are used over the body. Thanks to the warmth released by Pindas, this treatment work deeply in the skin and helps to prevent, cure and soothe the rheumatisms, arthritis and other problems. On Sabbia, we suggest to make decontracting massages using Pindas filled with sand.

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