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The great FABBRIMARINE experience meets the fantastic features of the ACUA thermal bed

The great FABBRIMARINE experience meets the fantastic features of the ACUA thermal bed, with a line of selected products perfect for performing specific protocols on the cellulite treatments.

The FABBRIMARINE brand, from the project carried out by Dr. Alberto Fabbri, is today one of the leading brands in the offer of services for well-being and aesthetics, specialized in marine cosmetology with particular attention to the research for unique and increasingly effective substances, combined with a constant search for avant-garde formulas, in collaboration with the best international research bodies.

From the meeting between FABBRIMARINE and ISO BENESSERE, a new project is born focused on the draining treatment of cellulite, with the creation of some specific protocols to be performed on the ACUA thermal bed using a selection of cosmetic products of the FABBRIMARINE brand.

Four protocols aimed at the draining treatment of edematous, fibroedematous, lipo-reducing and sclerotic cellulite, which combine the fantastic properties of FABBRIMARINE cosmetics (Sea Water, Nectar Of Alga, Thalagel, Blu Wave, lipo1 / slimming products and many others) with the functionality of the ACUA thermal bed, one of the top of the range products of the ISO Benessere line.

The protocols have recently been tested on site by selected professional masseurs, who have had the opportunity to preview them with very satisfactory results.

This is a test campaign that anticipates its official release, a confirmation of the great professionalism of both companies aimed at the research and improvement of innovative techniques, to be made available to wellness operators looking for reliable partners with whom to share their business.