ISO Benessere in Azerbaijan

ISO Benessere in Azerbaijan

Located in Baku, Azerbaijan, Gazelli House is redefining the beauty concept.

Designed to look and feel like a home, its founder, Jamila Askarova, wanted to create a space where clients could not just undergo spa treatments, but also relax, engage and learn.

A welcoming space, a place to stop, connect with others or reconnect with yourself.

A treatment at Gazelli House is always more than just a treatment, it can be seen from the relationship between the experts who work there and their guests, as well as from the way in which individual programs are created.

Gazelli House is one of the projects that best summarizes the entire concept of ISO Benessere, a fantastic place where our salt room, our ACUA, SENSO and VIVALDI beds, the photorejuvenation equipment and our furnitures have found a home.