The Treatments Cabin

When we talk about Wellness centre or SPA, we immediately think about fascinating wet areas where heat, colour and water are mixed together involving body and mind of those who start a path to their wellness. But very often, wet areas are preferred and the importance of the cabin treatments is forgotten: a place where guest can find a more personal relationship with his wellness, achievable when the quality of treatment and the pledge to sensitize the emotional part are combined.

The realization of a cabin is something important to the perception of the guest. Each thing should be thought in an overview with the purpose of showing a welcoming and harmonious environment.

The attention to details, together with the care of emotional aspects of the treatment, is an essential quality element which allows the guest to live his best wellness experience.

For the entrepreneur point of view, the cabin turns out to be an essential element: the principal part of the wellness centre’s income. This because people spend money on a treatment more easily than for a path in a wet area, thus giving more importance to the one-to-one relationship with the masseur.

All these elements make the cabin a complex system, so much to have to think to each detail: everything should work well, should touch the guest’s emotional side and, at the same time, should be a place where the masseur can optimally work.

Iso Benessere aimed a lot on the cabin with the purpose of giving an optimal element to that masseur who wants to add to his abilities a mentally engaging environment.

The guest should rediscover the harmony with oneself and with the whole world:

  • The light used as a wellness element which emphasizes the treatment’s benefits;
  • Emotional furnishings, active elements through which the masseur can better the massage;
  • Attention to detail which helps the guest to feel the excellence of the wellness center.

The guest must not wait to come back. This is the real purpose of a wellness center which is achievable only if the guest is in the centre of the attention.

A simple concept often considered obvious but now unavoidable for all those who want to lose the etiquette of “classical massage center” and start to be an example and a landmark for wellness sector.



Article by: Arch. Stefano Pediconi