Face and body antioxidant treatment

Face and body antioxidant treatment

ACUA Thermal bed support and enhance the treatments effects thanks by using the most important natural element for our health: the water.

Steam and alternating hot and cold jets of water are recognized as natural detoxifier, keeping the skin toned and luminous, strengthening the immune system and microcirculation.

On the Thermal bed ACUA is easy to combine more different treatments:

  • Steam bath;
  • Scottish shower;
  • Massages;
  • Chromo-esthetic;
  • Specific body treatments;
  • Music-therapy;
  • Aroma-Therapy
  • Mud-therapy.

Face and body antioxidant treatment on Thermal Bed ACUA performed by PhysioNatura Italian SPA (ITALY)


A journey through colors, flavors and scents of Puglia. A sensory experience to be experienced in the Spa.

ACQUA DI VITAE: spray "acqua di vitae" on the face and body before starting the treatment, to obtain a pleasant sensation of well-being;
SINERGIA SPA: apply a few drops of "Sinergia SPA" (4-5 drops depending on the size of the area to be treated) on the spine, solar plexus, temples and occipital cavities.
Perform the manual opening body.

EXFOLIATING: apply a good quantity of product (about 20 ml) previously heated and perform a vigorous massage, insisting in the most critical areas.

  • Body application: apply an even layer of "Terra Rossa" mud cream (about 100g) previously heated to the body and massage.
    Wrap the treated parts in Cartene©, then leave to rest for at least 20 minutes. Alternatively, leave it on for at least 20 minutes in the heat bath.
    After the application, remove the mud with alternating hot / cold water jets.
  • Face application: apply a uniform layer of "Terra Rossa" mud cream (about 20g) previously heated to the face and massage.
    Leave in a heat bath for at least 20 minutes. After application, remove with a damp sponge.

ANTIOXIDANT CREAM: apply the product (about 20 ml) on face and body and proceed with the massage.
The massage can also be performed with MASSAGE OIL; in this case it will be necessary to previously apply the cream to be massaged until completely absorbed, to make the treatment even more fluid and pleasant.

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