Let's prepare the skin for summer with a scrub on Crystals bed

Let's prepare the skin for summer with a scrub on Crystals bed

The scrub treatment has deep roots, firmly implanted in the Islamic tradition of body care: the scrub is in fact a treatment that has been carried out for centuries in the hammam (Turkish bath), where expert masseurs rub the bodies of men and women with a glove of horsehair and natural oils, in order to purify it also in a religious meaning.

The scrub is an aesthetic treatment that promotes the elimination of dead skin cells. In fact, the skin continually renews itself by generating new cells in depth, which must rise to the surface, favoring renewal. However, on the surface of the epidermis there are dead cells which prevent the new ones from reaching the last layer of skin as rich as the stratum corneum. The scrub, eliminating the cells of skin tissue that are no longer viable, allows the young ones to reach the surface.

Pink Himalayan salt is a whole salt, unrefined and not subjected to chemical treatments, which is widely used in both the cosmetic and food fields.

The benefits of this salt derive from the reduced presence of sodium chloride and the massive presence of trace elements, to be exact 84 in all, among which we find magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc. The pink Himalayan salt limits the risk of water retention, aids digestion, has an alkalizing action, opens the pores, purifies and regenerates the skin and helps fight cellulite.

Himalayan salt is an excellent remedy to take care of the face and body in a natural way, creating face and body scrubs in addition to vegetable oils and especially essential oils.

CRYSTALS is one of a kind: a bed designed to let the customer relax on the Himalayan salt crystals offering a fabulous condition of relaxation and at the same time transmitting to those who use it all the benefits of Halotherapy by reproducing the situation of marine aerosol: it contains 150 kg of salt which can be heated to a temperature from 32 ° to 40 ° according to the program and treatment chosen.

Once the desired temperature of CRYSTALS has been set, the chromatic / musical path selected and 7 drops of the chosen essential oil have been poured into the appropriate diffuser, we can proceed with a massage on the whole body, rubbing the skin using an exfoliating salt-based product of the Himalayas.

After the massage we will proceed to cover the client's body with a warm towel, on which we will sprinkle some Himalayan salt grains.

Wrapped in the warm salt of Crystals, immersed in a heat bath thanks to the chromotherapy courses, relaxed from the right path of music therapy and the fragrances of the essence diffuser, we get an enveloping treatment of body and mind through the stimulation of the senses.

At the end of the treatment, the skin will appear smoother, hydrated and decidedly brighter. A perfect treatment to prepare the skin for summer, making it more receptive to moisturizing creams, promoting a more homogeneous and lasting tan.