New treatments available


Some of the treatments protocols in the download:

  • RELAXING & BALANCING PROTOCOL with the Chromo cycle Green Light Blue Blue Green Yellow. It is perfect for an Endorphinic Massage.
  • SLIMMING – LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE & TIGHTENING with the Chromo cycle Orange RedYellow Violet
  • DRAINAGE & REMINERALIZING. It is particularly suitable to increase the drainage potential and purifying effect of any massage. The heat promotes the evaporation of beneficial ions for breathing. Chromo therapy gives a sense of relax to the entire body. It can be combined with an Anti-Age treatment.

All the different protocols in the download can be done with our Equilibrium 3 in 1 SPA Table.

EQUILIBRIUM represents an innovative, leading edge technology that revolutionizes the way to make Wellness and it projects the “simple” massage toward an unforgettable multi-sensory experience. If inside the environment there are other equipments of Iso Benessere line, the color of the light emitted by EQUILIBRIUM is coordinated by wireless so that, from every equipment is diffused light of the same color. 

Three in one: EQUILIBRIUM table is provided with a water mattress but thanks to its optionals it can be transformed into three different spa beds, a simple connection system allows the replacement of the water mattress by the Himalayan salt or by Sand, completely transforming it, its functionality and the work protocols that can be offered to the customer.

So the treatments that could be executed on Equilibrium can be changed depending on the kind of mattress that is used. Download our proposal here