Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt rooms and walls

More wellbeing with the Pink Himalayan Salt. Iso Benessere rooms, walls and items made with salt are designed for all that Spas and wellness centres that aim to create an halotherapy room. All the products are made with pure Pink Himalayan Salt bricks famous for being powerful against irritation, insomnia and concentration diseases. If nebulized, the micro particles of crystalline salt recreate the sea environment conditions and become a good ally versus muscles tension and stress and they made an anti bacterial and anti inflammatory action. The Pink Himalayan Salt bricks are backlighted witha coloured led light and this combination between chromo and halo therapy amplifies the relaxing effects of the session for a pleasant and regenerating atmosphere. Colors inside the room creates an embracing and suggestive space that can become a real color bath if the items of the Pink Himalayan Salt line are chromatically synchronized with the other Iso Benessere products.