Himalayan Salt


More well-being with Himalayan Pink Salt!
Iso Benessere's rooms, walls and products with Himalayan pink salt are designed for spas and wellness centers that want to create inside them a cabin for halotherapy (salt therapy) or for domestic environments to be transformed into wellness corners taking advantage of the beneficial effects of salt .
The rooms, walls and products are built with pure Himalayan pink salt bricks backlit by a colored LED light that combines chrome and halotherapy, amplifying the relaxing effects in a pleasant and regenerating atmosphere.
The colors inside the salt cave create a suggestive and enveloping environment thanks to the synchronization with the other ISO Benessere products.

Create your complete salt room respecting your space needs with Salis, the salt room easy to install thanks to its self-supporting structure or create your own environment dedicated to salt therapy with Himalaya Cube, the innovative product of ISO Benessere with its portable Salis technique can be easily placed inside a dedicated room.
With Himalaya Clima Cube® and Himalaya Clima Wall® you will combine well-being, design and warmth thanks to the combination of the most modern heating technologies with the healthful properties of Himalayan salt and the aesthetics and design made in Italy, while with Himalaya Wall you will create an evocative and exciting environment wherever you want.
Choose the product line that best suits your needs or ask our experts to create your own customized sales cave.