Himalaya Clima Wall

Himalaya – heating salt wall

HIMALAYAN CLIMA WALL®: the heated salt wall from the ISO Benessere line

HIMALAYAN CLIMA WALL® combines the most modern heating technologies with the healthful properties of the Himalayan salt and the Made in Italy aesthetics and design.
HIMALAYAN CLIMA WALL is a pleasant, healthy, innovative, chromotherapy heat source with an exciting design.


The most common heating systems are those called "by convention", where thermal elements such as radiators heat the air.
On the HIMALAYAN CLIMA WALL® heated salt wall, the thermal rays generated by the system heat up "by radiation". The infrared radiation generated by the wall reproduces the same infrared waves as the sun, warming the salt and the surrounding environment in a healthy and natural way, without consuming oxygen or moving harmful dust.
Electricity consumption is managed by sophisticated electronics that improve its energy efficiency and control its power, while the display allows to set the temperature and check its status.
HIMALAYAN CLIMA WALL® has a standard size of 101.5cm x 219cm.
Each module heats up to 25 m2, with a rapid heating effect that is perceived after a few minutes.
On request we can build it in any size with proportionate heating power.


The heating system by infrared radiation combines and enhances the hygroscopic characteristics of the salt, that can absorb and capture the water particles contained in the air (humidity and steam) and retain them together with the impurities contained in it.
The Himalayan salt, heated by radiation, attracts the surrounding air liberating it from harmful particulates and releasing the natural micro trace elements contained in the Himalayan salt into the air.
It is important to emphasize that the infrared radiation of the Himalayan salt bricks has a considerable thermal inertia: this means that once the suitable temperature is reached, the heat continues over time, keeping the salt wall warm.


The mounting system of HIMALAYAN CLIMA WALL® enhances the naturalness of the salt and the elegance of the wall.
It is a system patented by ISO Benessere, thanks to which the Himalayan salt bricks are mounted dry without any type of visible coupling, glue or chemical product.
The patented HIMALAYAN CLIMA WALL® system guarantees no exhalation from the adhesives that are normally used to assemble the salt bricks.
HIMALAYAN CLIMA WALL® has a total size of only 12 cm, is easy to install, is self-ventilated and maintenance takes place completely from the front, without the need for inspection compartments or niches.


In HIMALAYAN CLIMA WALL®, a sophisticated chromotherapy system with high-power, low-consumption LEDs allows to choose the color that best enhances the surrounding environment or that highlights the transparency and veins of the Himalayan pink salt.
The system for changing the colors or alternating them is managed by a practical remote control.


HIMALAYAN CLIMA WALL® can be placed in any environment as an additional heating system, purifies and ionizes the air, does not consume oxygen, sanitizes, relaxes.

The elegant combination of Himalayan salt bricks combined with the LED system for chromotherapy covers and enhances the environment in which it is placed, making the wall an important design element for both domestic and professional environments.

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Himalaya, regenerating atmosphere. Natural brick wall of Himalayan salt heated and chromotherapy


  • Chromotherapy Chromotherapy
  • Heat Control Heat Control
  • Ventilation system for air filter Ventilation system for air filter


  • Customized Customized

Technical sheet



Wall dimensions are generally 97.5 x 220 cm (86x39 in) but is possible to place side by side more walls in order to create bigger surfacesMinimum height of the room 2,4 mt (7,87 ft)


The overall weight of the wall is approximately 300Kg, but does not create any problem regarding to installation because the wall is completely removable and therefore transportable in any environment taking into account the dimensions of the bottom panel, which is 220 x 97.5 x 9 cm.

Ventilation system

Air flow can be activated 90 m³/h (3.180,00 ft³/h)

Thermal characteristics

the infrared radiation has a remarkable thermal inertia, in  Himalayan CLIMA WALL® the temperature is released for a long time even after the heating system is turned off thanks to the high thermal accumulation of the salt. A standard module of Himalayan Clima, consumes 600W per hour, in an environment of 25 square meters (270,00 ft² )  reaches an external surface temperature of about 40 ° C (104 F ) (with an ambient temperature of 25 ° C(77 F) ) in about 3 hours.




Possibility of customization with backlit frame








Electrical Data

Supply voltage 230V±10%, 50/60Hz N∼ | Power Absorption 600 w

Nominal illumination power RGB [W]

100 Watt                               

Nominal heating power [W]

600 Watt                               

Rated voltage [V]

230 Vac                                  

Total nominal current [A]



Technical characteristics included

  High power LED chromotherapy with color cycle management

  RGB cable synchronization with other ISO Benessere line equipment

  Ventilation system for air filter function

  Digital thermoregulator for temperature setting and control



Backlit niche

Kit of nr. 4 plexiglass shelves (plus 1 kit already supplied)

Remote control for independent management of the chromotherapy system ( to be requested only if it is not combined with another Isobenessere units for color management )

Wooden frame (  wood essence chosen by the customer ) ,width 15 cm. Price per linear meter

Wireless signal transmitter board for color synchronization with other equipment by Iso Benessere

Wireless receiver board for colors synchronization with other equipment of the Iso Benessere (excludes use of remote control)