Create your own Himalayan Salt Room

Salis is the first modular Himalayan salt room, easy to install on new or existing environments.

Thanks to its self-supporting structure, with Salis is possible to build easily your own salt cave respecting the needs of space in professional and domestic environments, with a functional and impressive result that includes, in addition to the therapeutic benefits of halotherapy (salt therapy), also music therapy, chromotherapy and aroma therapy.

With a simple and intuitive control console that allows to program the room with the desired temperature and humidity level with a simple touch, Salis allows you to create a salt room that can be used for a wide range of treatments, also stimulating sight, smell and hearing.


Halotherapy is a completely natural treatment based on the nebulization of crystalline salt microparticles, which replicates the marine aerosol conditions present on the beaches.

The nebulized and breathed salt soothes ailments related to the respiratory system such as sore throat, cough, bronchitis and asthma, keeping away germs and bacteria away from the tonsils and pharynx.

Salt therapy therefore has an antibacterial, mucolytic, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying action, helps the body strengthen its immune defenses, improves mood, vitality, energy and concentration.

Children can also benefit from this non-invasive therapy, which helps them breathe well.

However, it should be remembered that it is a complementary therapy as it helps to manage and control the pathological condition, but it should not be considered an alternative to pharmacological medical treatments, especially in the case of chronic diseases.


Salis is a modular salt room, where each module has a specific functional feature that allows to customize and adapt it to the environment in which it is placed.

The modules for the construction of the room are:

  • Panel with entrance door in transparent glass, 10 mm thick;
  • Panel with control console for user interface;
  • Panel with technical part for saline solution nebulization;
  • Himalayan salt brick panel;
  • Heating panel with radiant glass elements.

All the functions are avaliable to the user by the command control on the membrane keyboard, that can be easily managed and adapted to the needs of the treatment to be carried out.

The salt room modules are suitable to the available space and covered with high quality Himalayan salt bricks.

Thanks to its self-supporting structure that rests on the floor, the salt room Salis doesn’t require an operator to be used, is easy to clean, requires a minimum level of maintenance and can be moved in case of redesign of the spaces.

The electronic regulation of the vaporizer allows to customize the concentration of salt vapor, the cycles of music therapy, chromotherapy and the aromas diffusion.

Salis has very low operating costs and its energy consumption is low, allowing high profitability in the centers where is installed and becoming accessible even for use in a domestic environment.

Salis makes available to the user:

  • A direct control on the level of the solution to be nebulized, through a float sensor connected to the electronic management board, supported by a visual signal on the display and interruption of the nebulization cycle;
  • The management of a chrono thermostat for programming the heating space with two different programs, to be set on the seven days of the week.


Inside Salis the microclimate maintains a misting rate of 50% and a stable temperature around 27/30 ° C; parameters that can be set with different values ​​in case of personalized treatments.

The saline solution is obtained by mixing the medical salt with pure water, which is then nebulized inside the room by an ultrasonic nebulizer.

The degree of humidity is guaranteed by an internal probe, connected to the electronic management system, in addition to a second probe that controls and manages the operation of the glass radiant panels to maintain the room temperature.

The nebulization of Himalayan salts transforms the water molecules into very small particles that create a fog effect by releasing the beneficial properties of the solution used into the air.

At the end of each session, the air extraction system inside the salt room is activated automatically, regenerating the environment.

The extracted air is filtered through special mechanical filters combined with a chemical action before being expelled.


Salis involves the use of programmed colored light cycles, to be used independently or combined with the other functions of the equipment.
The chromotherapy takes place by means of RGB LEDs positioned both on the back of each column of salt bricks in addition to two horizontal supports that illuminate the ceiling on the walls without salt bricks.
The various color cycles can be combined with dedicated melodies.


Inside Salis it is possible to play personalized music to accompany the treatments, which can be stored on an SD card.
Some specific tracks are configured to match specific chromotherapy cycles: in this way, a specific color cycle will correspond to a specific melody.
The audio is reproduced through two speakers positioned on the ceiling of the room that communicate directly with the SD card, which can be managed from the control panel in the salt room.
The choice of songs to be used can be customized by the customer using a simple PC, loading the desired song in digital format (mp3) on the SD card.
This is an optionally available feature, independent of the nebulization cycle but recommended for a complete wellness experience.


The aroma diffuser (optional) available in the salt room provides an infinite series of additional treatments to the nebulization, thanks to the essences that are diffused in the environment.
The diffusion of aromas during the nebulization of the saline solution can be activated or deactivated by the electronic control panel.
The addition of aromas or special substances for aromatherapy during the nebulization cycle, allows yto expand the benefits the salt room use, for a total wellness experience.


Inside the SALIS salt rooms, is available an additional white light can be turned on in cases of need or if the integrated chromotherapy system is not in used.

If the courtesy light is on, it will switch off automatically at the beginning of the nebulization session and switches on again at the end of treatment.


There are many benefits by the using of a salt room and more depends by the soution and essences used during the treatment.
The "cold mist" system and the connected humidity probe maximize the effect of the aromas by activating the ingredients introduced into the room, allowing the user to select the saturation degree of the environment based on the chosen treatment.


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The specific characteristics of SALIS

• Easy to install and without the need to carry out any work in loco; it is possible to eliminate the problem of corrosive residues on metal structures, inevitable when the salt, in the bricks or spray, are processed in loco.
• Easy to maintain (there’s no flooring to the salt and the walls are easy to remove for inspection and maintenance).
• Easy to clean.
• Adjustment of the vaporizer using the electronic card to personalize music therapy cycles, concentration of salt spray, chromotherapy and aromas.
• Easy to customize (painting of the supporting structure, which is white in
• No connections required, thus making it easy to move.
• Does not require an operator. Extremely low running costs, low energy consumption and high earning power.


  • Chromotherapy Chromotherapy
  • Water - Steam Bath Water - Steam Bath
  • Heat Control Heat Control


  • Music Therapy Music Therapy
  • Aromatherapy Aromatherapy

Technical sheet

Technical information


Door opening: 75X215X1 CM
Salt wall: 100X222X12.5 CM (SALIS has three salt walls)
Heating radiator: 1500X500X12mm
Nebulizer cabinet: 900X600X270mm

Overall dimensions: 2,22×2,22×2,36 Mt
Weight: 1350 Kg ~


*quantity of water: 15 litres ~
water consumption (when operating): 2 litres /hour ~
water temperature: 5÷40°C

* Correct operation of the nebulizer is guaranteed by the use of potable water

Air generated

Hot air expelled: 200 m³/hour approx
Temperature delta: 18°C Salis room
No. of expulsion hoses Diameter/length: No. 1 flexible hose/10 cm/4 metres

Quality of expelled air

The air expelled may contain a saline component at a higher temperature, and therefore the expulsion outlet location must be suitably chosen to avoid situations of slight corrosion or oxidation.

Noise emissions

Average noise emission: 46 dB ~

IP rating

Protection against liquids: IP0





“Salt Room” electrical characteristics

Module Nominal power rating (W) Nominal voltage (V) Nominal current (A)
No. 1 Salt wall (100x222x12.5 cm) 100W 230Vac 0,5A
No. 1 Heating radiator (1200x800x12 mm) 900W 230Vac 4,0A
No.1 Nebulizer (550x283x229 mm) Max. 120W 230V/50HZ – 120V/60HZ = 4,5A
*Salt room control system 70W 230V  

NB* The control system means the part regarding the electrical and electronic control of the room, in addition to the electrical components listed in the previous chart. Main electrical components

Principals electronic component

Heating radiator (1200x800x12 mm) 900W 230Vac 50Hz IP44
Transformer 120W 220V/24V
Controller 144W 12Vdc out 3x5A
Nebulizer INPUT: 230V/50HZ O 120V/60HZ 7,6A OUTPUT:AC36V300W

Electromagnetic fields

Model Maximum weighted value measured Maximum limit established (CEI EN 62233)

Technical Characteristics Included 

N° 2 Salt Walls Himalaya
LCD display for displaying data and setting customizable parameters
Aroma diffuser
Electronic monitoring of working temperature
Courtesy light
Radiant panel power 950W - Dimensions 150 cm x 50 cm
Timer to set working hours
MP3 player with built-in storage tracks of SD cycles combined with chromotherapy
High power LED chromotherapy system
Air expulsion system