Chaise Longue

Chaise Longue for SPAs and wellness centres

Not just a simple massage chair. Iso Benessere created chaise longue that are multifunctional massage chairs suitable not only for Spas and beauty centre, but also for waiting rooms, wellness areas, hotels, wet areas and pools.
The lighting system integrated in the armchairs, combined with an advanced color lighting effect creates in every room an embracing unique atmosphere. The heating system, that can be placed in all the seats, transforms all the chaise longue from the classic massage chair, into a revolutionary idea of relax. It allows the customers to keep on with all the kind of treatments that began in the wet area or in the massage room for the total relaxation of body and mind.
In this way, also relax become an essential treatment for the guest who is invited to get deep into heat and color, into music and aromas and into massage and feelings, all inside a room where multifunctional, heated and lighted massage chairs are combined and coordinated with all the other pieces of furniture in order to make an unique wellness experience for the guest.