Professional bed for spa with chromotherapy

Professional bed for massages

Elysium is the new bed by Iso Benessere for SPA and massage treatments. The stylish and modern design, the high comfort and the coloured LED lights effect, create an emotional atmosphere in the whole room.

The comfort of Elysium is granted by the generous dimensions of the soft mattress, which is 10 cm. in thickness; very practical the adjustment system with 3 motors – upwards and downward table movement and positions of the seat -  all motors provided with the basic version.

The remote control sets the back side, the height, and the legs side of the mattress and the positions can be saved for re-use. The heating system for the mattress grants a pleasant relaxing session. Cleaning and maintenance are very easy thanks to its structure and design. The soft shapes rounded face hole makes the prone position even more comfortable, the patient can fully relax neck and shoulder muscles.

The LED RGB lights effect through the glazed plexiglass strips which surround the frame, gives the idea to lay while floating on colours. The innovative chromotherapy system creates an atmosphere which involves all senses. The cabin can be enriched with the accessory CORNER LUX, a plexiglass column combined with the ones in Elysium table which can be fitted on the wall or on the ceiling.

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Elysium is the professional bed for SPA and massage treatments that offers a high comfort and a unique atmosphere combined with a stylish design and an advanced chromotherapy system.


  • Chromotherapy Chromotherapy
  • Heat Control Heat Control

Technical sheet


Technical Data


including the optional 485lb

Power Supply Voltage

230V±10%, 50/60Hz N -

Degree of Protection


Standard Model     Type Position     Total Absorption W/A
ELYSIUM Bed with wooden frame natural/white painted
Foam mattress 80 X 200 cm upholstered/ vinyl imitation leather w/ chromotherapy    
550W / 2.4 A
ELYSIUM SMALL Bed with wooden frame natural/white painted
Foam mattress 70 X 190 cm upholstered w/ vinyl imitation leather w/ chromotherapy    
550W / 2.4 A


Technical Characteristics Included

Digital thermostat for switching on the heating system and checking the temperature
3 Motors for upward and downward movement and regulation for the back and the leg area of the mattress
Positions can be saved in wire remote control
Remote control for independent management of the chromotherapy system
High powered LED chromotherapy system
Electric socket for other equipment connections
Cable synchronization RGB with other equipment of the Benessere line*

Dedicated Optional


Multi-position removable face-rest headboard