Hammam table, reinterpretation of göbektaşl

The hammam table for humid treatments Lympha is the reinterpretation of göbektaşı. Innovation is to recuperate the cultural origins of the wellbeing and propose them taking into account the needs of contemporary society: since this is an important key to understanding the well-being concept, Iso Benessere presents Lympha, the marble spa-table for traditional Hammam style used during the performance of humid treatments (scrub, savonage, sludge, etc.) that, in addition to water, integrates technologies characteristic of Iso Benessere, in the realization of a heated luminous surface instead of the traditional marble

The concept is related to the Hammam culture, that is not the Turkish bath widely spread in the wellness centers, but a path, a ritual composed of a succession of various treatments, that utilizes the alternation of hot and cold environments, in preparation of the body and mind as well as in the sensory and emotional experiences.

The hammam table Lympha – a very important tool for economically exploiting the humid area, notoriously one of the most significant sources of spending for those who invest in wellness. In addition to its functionality, it’s a product that enhances the characteristics of the light and color as an integral part of the treatment, involving more and more every sense of the client called to experience a profound state of wellness. A water blade completes the massage, caressing the customer’s body. A beautiful challenge that opens the door to an unexplored world where culture and business are intertwined on the road to success.

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Lympha: the hammam table used during the performance of humid treatments. Innovation is to recuperate the cultural origins of the wellbeing and propose them taking into account the needs of contemporary society.


  • Water - Steam Bath Water - Steam Bath
  • Heat Control Heat Control
  • Chromotherapy Chromotherapy


  • Aromatherapy Aromatherapy

Technical sheet


Technical Data


180 kg - 397 lb

Working Voltage

230V±10%, 50/60Hz N -

Standard Model PFILYMPHA
Type Position Spa bed with a plexiglass surface and a pearlescent white and metallic black metal structure
Absorption W/A Heating system 1300 W / 5,65 A
Absorption W/A Lifting system 120 W / 0,5 A


  • 1 plexiglass headrest pillow
  • 1 pack of product for clearing the steel tank







Technical Characteristics Included

LCD display with a control panel for viewing data and setting customizable parameters
Treatment surface with graphics, bright and heated with adjusting the temperature
Thermo regulated hand shower to clean worktop and client's body after the beauty treatments
Adjustable working top for a better drainage of water and different types of treatments
Waterfall with running water, adjusting the temperature and intermittent hot and cold water
High powered LED chromotherapy with the management of colors cycles and music coupling
Color synchronization system with the spa-beds of Iso Benessere line*
A built-in MP3 player with storage on SD card
Headphones included

*The cable or wireless synchronization must be specified during the order phase.

Dedicated Optional


Aroma diffuser


Water mattress 4 cm width, made of a non-allergenic material


Wireless transmitter board for colors synchronization


Wireless receiver board for colors synchronization