The thermal bed immersed in colors

The benefits of massage and treatments that use water as main element combined with the relaxing power of chromotherapy in a bed designed for the humid and thermal areas of the center that hosts it.

NEBULA is the professional massage table designed by ISO Benessere for spas and wellness centers looking for a reliable tool that combine hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and heat, to be placed in the wet areas increasing its profitability, offering to its guests a greater number of services in a single environment.


Made with materials suitable for direct contact with water (including thermal water), NEBULA has an elegant structure and a steel base, while the heatable anatomical support surface is made of resin-coated polystyrene.

The water used during the treatment is conveyed into the channels and collected in the drain positioned on the bottom of the bed.

The water temperature and the intensity of the jets used for the massage are easily adjustable by the operator, with different options available depending on the treatment to perform.

A thermostatic mixer and a stainless hand shower incorporated in the bed allows to clean the worktops, also facilitating the rinsing of customers after use.

NEBULA also provides an optional mattress in non-deformable hypoallergenic material designed to perform massages in a semi-rigid surface, or a water mattress to increase relaxation during the rest phase.


Many benefits related to the use of hot water as a source of relaxation and well-being are known, while the benefits of thermal hydrotherapy and the use of water during wellness treatments are less known and in constantly evolving.

Hydrotherapy means an emotional journey aimed at treating various types of ailments with water by exploiting the physical properties of water, whether natural, thermal, or medical.

Stress, venous circulation, musculoskeletal system, fatigue, colds, sinusitis, dermatitis and cellulite can be treated with the right treatment. Water helps our well-being when used to produce a thermal stimulation on the body, through cold and hot baths, showers and whirlpools, heat baths, steam baths and foot baths.

Recently the water is also used during the execution of particular massages (for example in “Watsu”, the shatzu massage in water) and if combined with other elements (music, color, aromas) the beneficial effects further increase.

NEBULA is the perfect bed for these kinds of treatments.


An elaborate high-power LED lighting system integrated on the bed enhances the characteristics of light and color, creating a sequence of colors on the user's body and in the surrounding environment, involving all the senses of those who use it by immersing him in a total state of relaxation.

If positioned in a softly lit environment, NEBULA can transform the humid area of the spa or wellness center that hosts it into a suggestive, intimate and particularly relaxing area.

The RGB synchronization system also allows to connect the bed with the other equipment of the ISO Benessere line.


On NEBULA is possible to integrate an optional aroma diffuser complete with a scented refill and dedicated essence, further increasing the functionality and benefits associated with the use of the bed.


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NEBULA enhances the Spas and the centers that use it, increasing the possibilities of treatments to perform in the humid areas and creating unique emotional atmospheres.


  • Heat Control Heat Control
  • Chromotherapy Chromotherapy


  • Aromatherapy Aromatherapy

Technical sheet


Technical Data


180 kg - 397 lb

Working Voltage

230V±10%, 50/60Hz N -


  • 1 confortable headrest pillow
  • 1 pack of product for clearing the steel tank
  • 10 cartene towels

Technical Characteristics Included

Treatment surface with graphics, bright and heated with adjusting the temperature
Thermo regulated hand shower to clean worktop and client's body after the beauty treatments
High powered LED chromotherapy with the management of colors cycles and music coupling
Color synchronization system with the spa-beds of Iso Benessere line*

*The cable or wireless synchronization must be specified during the order phase.

Dedicated Optional


Aroma diffuser


Water mattress 4 cm width, made of a non-allergenic material


Wireless transmitter board for colors synchronization


Wireless receiver board for colors synchronization