Massage bed with water

SENSO is not a simple professional massage table, but a multifunctional tool able to offer the operator different kind of use, suitable for wellness treatments and relaxation, with as special attention also dedicated to photo rejuvenation.

SENSO massage table is designed for spas and wellness centers that are looking for a cutting-edge tool that offers different possibilities of use, maximizing the profitability of the cabin offering to the customer maximum comfort, different programs for wellness treatments and beauty (including body wrap), chromotherapy, music therapy and hydromassage.

Thanks to its special water mattress and his multi-functionalities, SENSO massage bed stands out for its latest generation features and technology, adding for the first time the collagen function for photobiostimulation and rejuvenation in addition to the massage and relaxation functions.

A particular patented convection heating system reduces the time required to bring the water mattress to the working temperature, while a dedicated clock allows the weekly programming of the working times of the heating system, to find the bed always ready at the desired temperature.

SENSO is also equipped with a practical optional system for adjusting the height of the bed, to make easy for the customer to get up or down from the bed and facilitating the movements of the operator, making the treatment more effective. 


SENSO is equipped with a special water mattress made of hypoallergenic plastic material.
The communicating bulkheads of the water mattress are designed to reduce the wave effect due to the movements of the person
, leaving only the emotion of being gently cradled by the water, for a feeling of relaxation never experienced before.


On SENSO professional massage table, the water temperature, colors management, music and all options are managed electronically.
The values can be preset or completely customized using the commands on the membrane keyboard, in an easy and intuitive way.
The temperature of the water mattress changes in according to the program to perform, which can be activated by the operator.

The programs available are:

  • Toning - mattress temperature: 32 ° C
  • Relaxing - mattress temperature: 36 ° C
  • Slimming - mattress temperature: 40 ° C


SENSO provides the use of programmed light cycles to combined with the other functions available.
The enhanced chrome therapy lighting is distributed over the entire mattress, using water as a diffuser. In the same way, parallel lighting completes the harmony of the environment, creating light points that range to the floor.

The RGB synchronization system also allows to connect the massage bed with the other equipment of the ISO Benessere line, creating a very relaxing and suggestive atmosphere throughout the cabin.


On SENSO massage bed it’s possible to play personalized music tracks to accompany the treatments, which can be stored on an SD (Secure Digital) card. The choice of the songs can be customized by the customer using a simple PC, loading the desired song in digital format (mp3) inside the SD card.

Some specific tracks are configured to match a specific chromotherapy cycles: in this way, a specific color cycle will correspond to a certain melody.

SENSO can also be connected to an external sound source.


To increase the feeling of well-being, on the SENSO bed is possible to integrate the innovative massage system with water jets, specially directed and heat-sealed inside the mattress, to offer a pleasant massage during treatments.


SENSO is also equipped with a further optional electronic control, capable of managing 160 W collagen neon lamps that can be activated as desired.

In addition, if SENSO is combined with the SCIC collagen photobiostimulation module (which in its LIFT version can be suspended from the ceiling with a remote-controlled electric height adjustment mechanism), the photorejuvenation function available in the bed is further enhanced.


Among the various options available, on the SENSO bed it’s possible to integrate the aroma diffuser, complete with scented refill with dedicated essence, further increasing the functionality and benefits associated with the use of the bed.



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SENSO massage bed and it's water mattress represents the innovation in terms of well-being: a complete and multifunctional tool, designed around the operator's needs and designed to offer a superior level of comfort than the beds normally used in the spas and beauty centers cabins.


  • Chromotherapy Chromotherapy
  • Heat Control Heat Control
  • Music Therapy Music Therapy


  • Aromatherapy Aromatherapy
  • Vibrating Massage Vibrating Massage
  • Photobiostimulation Photobiostimulation

Technical sheet


Technical Data


from 160 Kg (352 lb) to 223 Kg (242 lb)

with the addition of the water-mattress: 150 Kg (491 lb)


230V 10%, 50/60Hz N ~


Width: 211 cm

Height: 68,5-83 cm 

Depth: 92 cm

Standard Model PFILAN2/6
Type Position Bed with water mattress. Leatherette upholstery and pearl white structure
Absorption W/A Heating + Chromotherapy system 2300 W / 10 A


  • 20 protective sheets in cartene
  • product for water maintenance for a year or so
  • inflatable headrest cushion in hypoallergenic material





Technical Characteristics Included

LCD display with a control panel for viewing data and for setting customizable parameters
Button to select the operating temperature
Electronic monitoring of working temperature
Electronic timer to start the heating system
High powered LED chromotherapy with the management of color cycles and music coupling
Color synchronization system with the spa-beds of Iso Benessere line*
MP3 player with built-in storage tracks of SD cycles combined with chromotherapy
Headphones included

*The cable or wireless synchronization must be specified during the order phase.

Dedicated Optionals


Electric lifting system. Absorption: 250 W / 1,1 A


Built-in massage system. Absorption: 1100 W / 3,5 A


Photorejuvenation system with collagen neon lamps. Absorption: 320 W / 1,5 A


Aroma diffuser


Wireless transmitter board for colors synchronization


Wireless receiver board for colors synchronization (excludes the use of the remote control)