Photobiostimulation unit

SCIC is the evolution of ISO Benessere equipment research, a panel which is able to fight the skin ageing using collagen lamps.

SCIC with an innovative and modern can perfectly fit in any kind of environment connected to wellbeing and tanning.

The three versions of SCIC are independent: on platform, wall version  and ceiling version. It can consequently be installed in many different ways: as a piece of furniture in the middle of the room, customized on any kind of vertical surface, hanging from the ceiling on the top of a bed for photo rejuvenation beauty treatment.

SCIC has 12 tubes by 160W emitting a red/pink light with frequency at 633nm, they activates the body’s photobiostimulation process to improve the production of collagen and elastine which make skin more firm. Everything is controlled by an electronic system.  SCIC can be surely considered as a complement of other techniques used for skin rejuvenation.

On the back side of Scic, there is a led system for the chromo therapy and it can be synchronized with any other products by Iso Benessere. 

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Scic, forever young thanks to Photobiostimulation. Scic is the ceiling collagen unit that can be placed over the massage beds or in the wall.


  • Photobiostimulation Photobiostimulation
  • Aromatherapy Aromatherapy

Technical sheet


Technical data


Kg 62 = 137 lb – STANDING version
Kg 47 = 103 lb – WALL version
Kg 47 = 103 lb – LIFT version*

*+ Kg 61 = 134lb for the electric regulation mechanism – LIFT version.

Hot air exhausted

500 m³/h = 294,3 ft³/m = 655 ya³/h




Width: 55 cm
Height: 205 cm (versione con movimento)
Height: 21,5 cm














Model PFIPCB/62
Position and Type 12 collagen lamps  body 160 W Electronic not adjustable 12 collagen lamps  body 160 W Electronic not adjustable   12 collagen lamps  body 160 W Electronic not adjustable  
Total kW Lamps 1,92 1,92 1,92
Current absorbed KW/A 2.3 / 10 2.3 / 10 2.3 / 10

Technical Characteristics Included

Anti-glare LCD
Button for selection on out of 4 exposure times 
Electronic monitoring of correct functioning of solarium ventilation
RGB syncronization with other ISO BENESSERE line
Emergency button
Digital timer and unit counter plus mechanical timer
Aroma diffuser
Led Enlightening

Dedicated Optional


12 Lamps with emission UV (12  tubes 160 watt) to be exchanged with the collagen tubes in order to have a tanning apparatus