The standing machine for photobiostiimulation

Bella is the new model of ISO ITALIA GROUP for  photobiostimulation that allows you to have a youthful and toned skin.

Bella V is equipped with 50 collagen activators lamps emitting selective light at 633nm.

Its essential design with open styling, to avoid unpleasant sensation of claustrophobia, customized with a very original graphics, low power consumptions, easily accessible control console, wide Anti-glare LCD.

The photobiostimulation uses light to activate the collagen synthesis with the consequent effect of anti ageing on skin. It’s an absolute natural process, based on the fact that our body’s cells (included skin), contain light absorbent receptors. Depending on the absorbed light wave length there are different specific mechanisms of biological feedbacks, just like the ones you find in plants during the chlorophylls photosynthesis.

Many scientific studies demonstrate that a selective light at 633nm stimulates a development of cells activity and consequently an increase of collagen production. Therefore, the skin is nourished, more toned and ready for a safe tan, smooth and intense.  


The sessions have specific programs for:

  • Anti – cellulite
  • Slimming
  • Toning
  • Tanning
  • Photobiostimulation
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Bella V, with its low power consumption and the essential design with open styling, is the shower that combines photo-rejuvenating and tanning in at the same time.

Technical sheet



Model PFICV50/B64
N. x watt 50 x 160 W collagen
Type Position Collagen BODY Lamps
Total Lamps 50
Power Lamps KW 8 kw
Total Absorption KW/A 9 kw - 14,4 A

Working Voltage

400V±10%, 50/60Hz 3N-

On request

230V±10%, 50/60Hz 3-




Kg 340 = 750 lb

Exausted Hot Air inside the room

1200 m³/h = 706 ft³/m = 1572 ya³/h


Overall dimensions (cm – in (1”))

Technical Characteristics Included

Anti-glare LCD
Button for selection one of the 4 exposure times
Electronic variation of air flowing to face
Mirror footrest
Emergency button
Digital and mechanical timer and session counter
Aroma diffuser
Support handles

Technical Characteristics Optional


Radio full kit of loudspeakers and headphones with Mp3


Digital Remote control


28 UV lamps 160W to combine photobiostimulation and tanning