The vibro-musical massage bed that awakens the energy of your body

Awake the energy of your body with Vivaldi, the vibro-acoustic massage bed designed by ISO Benessere that combines musical harmonic vibrations with aromatherapy, chromotherapy and heat.
The Vivaldi vibroacoustic bed is a powerful technology for all essential forms of energy stimulation aimed at the well-being of the person in a single massage bed.

Thanks to its innovative system of loudspeakers, Vivaldi can spread a sound emission over the entire body of the user, dividing and alternating frequencies and tones on specific areas for an emotional experience of well-being with no equals.

In addition to offering a great and intense sensory experience, the Vivaldi vibroacoustic bed stimulates circulation making it more efficient, helping the drainage of liquids and toxins, creating the best conditions to reduce imperfections by promoting greater absorption of the products used for the massage.

Vivaldi can stimulate unique natural and sensory energies and can be used with holistic applications, with crystals, muds, oils and special sands.

The treatment cycle on Vivaldi is extremely pleasant thanks to a comfortable position, enveloped in a healthy warmth that relaxes the muscles, preparing for the massage.
The music envelops the mind and the sound vibrations pervade the body with harmonious and rebalancing waves, while a comfortable opening allows you to benefit of aromatic scents that intensify the treatment, immersing the user in a deep emotional state.

All functions of Vivaldi are managed by simple and intuitive controls to make the treatments practical and functional.


Music therapy is a technique that uses music as a therapeutic tool.
The music is applied to all ages, influencing the heartbeat, blood pressure and breathing.
In addition, music is able to act on some hormones (that of stress in particular) and endorphins, favoring some complex brain activities such as study, the practice of mathematics and the chess game, improves perception space-temporal inducing a sense of calm and allowing you to express yourself more clearly.

Cymatics is a science that studies the forms produced by the frequencies that can be vibratory, sonorous and electromagnetic.
The applications of some frequencies can improve cell resonance, creating changes in the structure of water inside the cells, because sound can move matter.

Musicotherapy and Cymatics lead us to Vibro-acoustic, which allows us to create treatment protocols that enjoy at the same time the beneficial effects of listening musical tracks combined simultaneously with musical vibrations.

In vibro-acoustic the sound is transferred in the form of vibrations.
The human body is largely composed of liquids, so it’s therefore a perfect transmitter of sound vibrations. The vibrational energy that is created moves these molecules, generating a massage both inside and outside.

Is in the water that sound propagates at greater speed and being our body made up of 70% liquids, this treatment successfully reaches areas that neither massages nor manipulations can touch, aspiring to oxygenate cells that have remained inactive.

Music can be combined with different types of massage: relaxing massage, foot reflex massage, head massage, moisturizing or toning face treatment, stone massage with hot lava stones and "anti-aging" treatments.


On Vivaldi music envelops the mind and its vibrations pervade the body with harmonious and rebalancing waves.
All functions are at disposal of the user who, through the commands on the membrane keyboard, can managed it in an easy and intuitive way.

The mattress with internal heating made of eco leather makes Vivaldi an elegant massage bed, particularly resistant and easy to clean.

Thanks to the integrated mp3 player, it is possible to play personalized music tracks to accompany the treatments, which can be stored on an SD card. The choice of songs to use can be customized by the customer using a simple PC, loading the desired song in digital format (mp3) inside the SD card.
Some specific tracks are configured to match a specific chromotherapy cycles: in this way, a specific color cycle will correspond to a specific melody.
With Vivaldi, 2 pairs of headphones are available to perform the treatment, one for the customer and one for the operator.

The RGB adaptation system also allows to connect the massage bed with the other ISO Benessere equipment's, to create a very relaxing and suggestive atmosphere throughout the cabin.

An optional electric lifting system allows the positioning in height of the entire massage bed, making it more comfortable for the customer and at the same time suitable for the needs of each operator.

For an even more complete and personalized body relaxation experience, in Vivaldi it’s possible to integrate the heating system of the thermoregulated mattress and the aroma diffuser, for endless possibility of use.


The Vivaldi Vibroacoustic bed integrates programmed light cycles for a sophisticated chromotherapy, to intensify the beneficial energy on the body through the eyes.
A session on Vivaldi creates a complete psycho-physical rebalancing in a total state of relaxation, with an enhancement of physiological functions and a deep interaction with our subtle energies.

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Vibro-musical massage bed Vivaldi, the pure energy research. An innovative acoustic speaker system is able to create a sound emission over the entire body, combined with Aromatherapy, Chromotherapy and Heat.


  • Chromotherapy Chromotherapy
  • Music Therapy Music Therapy
  • Sound and Vibration Sound and Vibration


  • Heat Control Heat Control
  • Aromatherapy Aromatherapy

Technical sheet


Technical Data


330 lb about

Power supply

230V±10%, 50/60Hz N~


Width: 205 cm

Height: 70 cm / 69-84 cm (extendable version)

Depth: 83 cm

Standard Model PFILM
Type Position Musical vibro-musical fixed bed with leatherette covering and wood and metal white structure
Absorption W/A Music system + LED lighting 500 W / 2,5 A


  • 1 Headrest pillow
  • 3 pairs of disposable headphones cover
  • 10 non-woven protective sheets



Technical Characteristics Included

LCD display with a control panel for viewing data and for setting customizable parameters
Sound vibration massage
A built-in MP3 player with songs storage on SD card
2 pairs of headphones (for operator and client)
External music source input
High powered LED chromotherapy with the management of color cycles and music coupling
Color synchronization system with the other equipment of the Iso Benessere line*

*The cable or wireless synchronization must be specified during the order phase.

Dedicated Optional


Electric lifting system. Absorption: 250 W / 1,1 A


Mattress heating with temperature control system. Absorption: 100 W / 0,34 A


Aroma diffuser


Wireless transmitter board for colors synchronization


Wireless receiver board for colors synchronization