Sauna and Turkish bath

The true well-being essence

Tailor made Sauna and Turkish Bath

With our Sauna and Turkish Bath it’s possible to compose a functional, complete and welcoming wellness system in any environment in which they are installed: Spas , Wellness Centers , Hotel Suites, Private Spas or in domestic environments.

The Sauna and Turkish Bath solutions proposed by ISO Benessere provide solid technology and accurate aesthetics, expressing the true essence of well-being, with a entirely made in Italy production.

Involving our specialized team (engineering, heating, plumbing, electrical, electronic and interior designers), we can offer the highest technological level products that can be always customized respecting the space requirements.

Sauna and Turkish Bath are two very different practices that help to improve the immune defenses, giving a new skin cleaned from toxins.


Into the sauna the humidity rate is almost completely absent, with a value between 10% and 15%, and a temperature variable from 50 ° C to 80 ° C.

The strong and dry heat of the sauna is perfect after a hard workout, promoting the relaxation by lowering the stress levels.

The high temperature can help to expel quickly the lactic acid more, eliminating muscle contractures due to fatigue.

In addiction, the antibacterial effects of this practice are essential for the immune defenses, fortifying them by increasing the production of the cells involved in the protection of our organism.


Into the Turkish bath the humidity rate is very high, around 90-100%. The steam level is high, creating a fog with different layers of temperature that changes from 25 ° C to 45 ° C in the upper side.

In the Turkish Bath we can relax longer than Sauna, with a great sweating that helps to expelling toxins and prevent seasonal illness, especially if combined with a vaporization of eucalyptus-based essences.

Unlike the sauna, the Turkish bath helps stabilize and regulate pressure.


Both solutions proposed by ISO Benessere can be made customize respecting the space requirements of the environment in which they are installed.

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ISO Benessere Sauna and Turkish Bath: a professional solution ideal for small Hotel Suites, Private Spas, Spas, Wellness Centers and domestic environments.

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