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New Himalayan Cube by ISO Benessere. Create the salt room or the relax areas.

ISO Benessere presents the new Himalayan Cube, an innovative product for wellness and beauty centers which wish to create a salt room very easily and with a result of effect and emotional atmosphere.

Himalayan Cube consists of a ‘portable’ Salis technique, which can be placed into a room for the salt treatment and it is covered with natural and precious Himalayan salt bricks, enlightened by Led lights which create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. The built-in music and aromas diffuser functions will make the stay of the customers even more pleasant and enjoyable.

Himalayan Cube may create an emotional and unique atmosphere in relaxing open areas, with its aroma diffuser function, combined with music therapy and chromotherapy.

Thanks to all its wellness-functions and the easy and simple way to place it, it will be an essential and precious piece of furniture, that can be combined with our Himalayan salt walls to enrich your spa.




The distinctive characteristics of Himalayan CUBE for salt room:

  • Easy to install and without any work in loco. Just arrange the power plug for the Himalayan Cube and decide the position in the room. If not present, please install the steam extractor tube.
  • Installation on the floor (not on the wall).
  • Easy filling of the saline solution.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Customized setting of music therapy, salt steam, color therapy and aromas cycles by the electronic board.
  • Easy to move in case of space re-design.
  • Possible use in other areas which are not salt rooms, if used only as aromatizer.
  • No operator needed, that means low running costs, low consumption, high profitability.