Letter from ISO Italia Group CEO

"Upon request from members of the Board of Directors, shareholders and after consulting my team and my family,
I accepted the position of ISO ITALIA GROUP CEO.

Aware the great history of ISO Italia, I feel the great responsibility of this new role.

I thank all those who managed the company before me. A special thanks goes to the workers and the whole team of ISO Italia made up of great professionals, technicians and distributor for their warm welcome.

Within 30 days, we will present the new Business Plan of ISO Italia, for the three-year period 2022-2025.

A very ambitious industrial plan that will give the answers to the many challenges of the moment: the pandemic that has severely tested the sector, the geo-political instability, the technological changes, sustainability cannot be left without an answer.

The industrial plan will not be limited to providing answers to current needs.
There will be many news: starting with a significant re-branding of the company with a new logo to facilitate communication. New marketing channels to make our production known and to make communications between the company and the customers easy.

A new line of products never seen before, which will be used and applied in various industrial sectors.

In our industrial plan, numerous investments will be foreseen, in the field of human resources, training, for the development of sustainable products that can have positive impact on human lives, and more.

I thank those who have trusted me for the assignment and I invite anyone who wants to get in touch to write directly to miceli@isoitalia.com

Yours to Command,

Joseph Anthony Miceli!"