ISO Benessere в Австралия

ISO Benessere в Австралия

Мобильная соляная комната Salis с кирпичами из чистейшей гималайской соли

Релакс-шезлонг с плавными линиями Flag

в CRYO Spa Clinics Сидней, Австралия

Mr.Mitchell Diamon (CEO fo Cryo Spa Clinics) говорит о нас:

"Back in March of 2017 I made the decision to fly to Italy from Australia to visit the Isobenessere team and tour their facilities as I was considering a purchase of their salis salt room to add to my day spa

Well wasn’t I blown away! From the lovely staff to the extreme attention to detail that was on display throughout the factory in the manufacturing of their products. I was impressed that not only did I purchase a salt room I wanted to be a distributor for them here in Australia which we were able to arrange

From day one they displayed professionalism. They were in constant contact throughout the design stage, ensuring all needs were met without compromising quality.

Once the salt room arrived in Sydney i found it was packaged so well to ensure no damage could be done during transport. Everything was wrapped securely in foam and tightly together.

Then came the installation, I was extremely nervous at this stage as I had the first one in the country and no one I could call locally for a quick question. Once I had everything unpacked and took some time to read over the instructions me and my dad were able to put the salt room together in a day and then all the salt bricks in the following day.

Our business has now been open 12 months and i couldn’t be happier with the service from the Isobenessere team. They answer every question with detail and I honestly couldn’t be happier with the product. It’s been a great addition to our spa and after educating the public about its benefits it’s becoming extremely popular"