Hydromassage and whirlpools

Designing a tailor-made wellness space searching the maximum comfort and relaxation, is impossible don’t think to include a Whirpool tub.

Hydromassage combines the hydrotherapy benefits with the oxygen therapy: the water acts in combination with heat and air that, passing through the jets, allow to relieve the muscle tension, dilating blood vessels relaxing the body.

All the benefits of this natural therapy acts on the physical well-being improving joint mobility, purifying the skin, helping in water retention reduction, improving the metabolism by increasing its speed and eliminating toxins.

Further benefits also concern the mental well-being: hydro and oxygen therapy improves the sleep quality and the general relaxation, reducing the sense of exhaustion.

ISO Benessere also proposes, in the overall design of your personal Wellness area, fabulous whirlpools capable of giving you moments of pure relaxation.

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Moments of pure relaxation in your personal wellness refuge